The Olympics day 13

August 21, 2008

The US softball team, lost, in the gold medal game. This is like the Redeem Team losing its gold medal game. Reportedly the reason the IOC dropped softball from 2012 is the total and complete domination of the sport by the US, who outscored their opponents 51-1 in Athens. Now that the US has lost a game, will the IOC reconsider? Surely Ms. Jowell in London could slap together a softball field for the women to play on.

The horses have now been caught doping. They have been caught rubbing a substance like an equine Absorbine Jr. onto their aching leg muscles. Actually I would assume their handlers did it without telling them. Looks like Norway will have to give up their bronze in show jumping  to the Swiss.

Medal count – The US of course leads in overall count, China a splendid second. In golds, and that is the only one that matters to many people, China is still, and probably unsurmountably #1. The UK Great Britain or the GBR in Olympicspeak (seriously, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands don’t send athletes to the Games?) is establishing dominance steadily over its continental rivals in the EU (well that is if the GBR actually considered itself a part of the EU) with an overall medal count 1/3 greater than that of the French but only a population 20% greater. And as for golds alone, fageddaboudit. The French have never seemed very athletic anyway, worrying more about good food and not working too hard. Running for 20 minutes in excruciating pain so your fellow citizens won’t call you a quitter again isn’t la belle vie.

BTW if I put in the term “the good life” into Google Translate and ask it to give me the phrase in Japanese, I get のグッドライフ, which phonetically comes out as “no guudo riifu.” No doesn’t mean no in Japanese, although the Japanese can say no. “The good life” can only be translated as Japlish, meaning that there is no Japanese equivalent for “the good life.” I believe that to be correct.

Back to the subject. The Germans too have fallen on Olympic hard times. They have 1/3 fewer medals than the GBR, with a larger population. Far cry from the, I won’t bring up the details, of the 1936 Games and of the East German prowess of the 1970s and 1980s.

Speaking of East Germany, my local PBS station last night did some interesting counter programming. They showed an episode of “Secrets of the Dead” which featured the East German Olympic doping program during the 1976 through 1988 games. Not a proud chapter in Olympic history. The East German government literally killed people through their drugs program to gain socialist glory. The gender bending stuff in the late 1980s, really tragic.


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