Only in America

August 22, 2008

A Texas jury has just indicted a 1,000 pound woman, Mayra Lizbeth Rosales of Hidalgo County, Texas for capital murder in the beating death of her 2 year old nephew. This would have to be in Texas. For our UK friends she weighs more than 70 stone. She was charged with the crime back in March, it must have apparent that she just didn’t fall on the kid or something. The woman is bedridden and so apparently beat the child to death from her bed. The issue is, how do you get her to trial? She can’t fit through the door of her residence.

Now, there are precedents for this kind of the thing. The state could hire Dick Gregory to get her weight down enough so she can be moved. She could possibly make the top-20 obese people list

Believe it or not, she would not be the heaviest being ever executed in America. I said being, because there is the bizarre and infamous case of Mary the elephant, who was actually lynched in Erwin, Tennessee in 1916. There was a circus in town, and Mary got pissed and something and stomped her handler to death. There was no trial, inquest or any real effort to figure out what happened officially. All in all, the elephant wasn’t treated any worse by the system than say any given black person would have been. Anyway, a mob showed up and wanted Mary dead. They tried shooting her with shotguns, but that didn’t work. The sheriff used his .45, nope. The crowd suggested electrocuting her, or pulling her apart with two locomotives. The decision was made to have a hangin’. Free admission was given to those who paid to see the circus. The good people of Erwin hung Mary from a boom at the local railyard. First time, the chain broke and Mary fell causing a panic. The second rigging did the trick. Mary was buried at 219 S. Main St in Erwin. An image of Mary on the gallows is on this YouTube video that is a promo for the play “Hanging Mary,” based on the Mary’s story.


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