Takafumi Horie is back

August 23, 2008

Former Internet venture star Takafumi Horie is staging a comeback, but quietly, and with far less attention than he sought during his high-tech heyday a few years ago.

The vehicle for his comeback seems to be his blog, which he finally started updating earlier this month — the first time since his arrest in 2006.

If you’ve never heard of him, he’s the Japanese equivalent of Jeff Bezos, the Google founders and any other dotcom hero you can think of, rolled into one. Founder of livedoor.com, and quite brash and outspoken for a young Japanese businessman, the system had him taken out. He’s been convicted of securities fraud, and is out on bail. He may well be guilty, I don’t know. He was quite an affront to the system, but Japan needs a little some of that attitude considering the 18 year long economic snooze. Besides, he’s only acting like one of our dotcom or web 2.0 heroes.

He is much more humble now, I guess his nail got hammered down.

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