Olympics day 15

August 23, 2008

She was only sixteen, only sixteen
I loved her so
But she was too young to fall in love
And I was too young to know

What kind of sport is it where being under 16 is an advantage in competing at an adult level?

Seems that the Team USA track and field is going through the same woes as basketball had in the first half of this decade. Team USA has still done quite well, especially in the field part, and actually leads the medal count overall in track and field. But USA is supposed to dominate the sprints, and has not. Baton dropping is the latest American sports tragedy scandal. The US has been upstaged by some little Caribbean island known more to Americans for Rastafarianism, reggae and rum, not to mention jerk barbecue and all inclusive beach resorts. Maybe the sprints mean more to them, but as might be expected there are the accusations.

So the pollution has not been an issue.

Doesn’t the basketball gold medal game seem more like an NCAA tournament first round game, a 2 vs 15 or a 3 vs 14? I mean as far as talent differential goes. Don’t expect the Redeem to show up lackadasical as a 2 ro 3 seed might in the NCAAs first round. No, the rest of the world has not ‘caught up.’

IOC says, no major league all stars, no baseball. Would MLB do as the NHL does, suspend the season so its stars can participate? In football (soccer to us) FIFA has said, no. The World Cup will not be upstaged. And doesn’t MLB put on something called the ‘World Series?’ Cuba has dominated Olympic baseball, and that of course is due to political reasons. So the IOC is dangling this carrot in front of MLB. But does the MLB have the same kind of product as the NBA or the same marketing ambitions? Maybe with the decline of baseball in the US, they should go for compromising and providing players. Team USA baseball could kick ass again, whip the Dutch 30-0 as we well should.

The IOC will vote in October 2009 in Denmark about whether to add two sports for 2016. The other sports are softball, squash, karate, roller sports, seven-on-seven rugby and golf.

No cricket?? How about chess, that would be an interesting choice maybe players moving chess pieces around would count as ‘physical exertion.’ Softball can come back now that it’s clear other countries have a chance. Roller derby, now that’s something the US should kick ass in. Ballroom dancing I guess came and went. If BMX is in, roller sports should be in. Women wrestling? Mud wrestling. Golf should be added. There are course that already exist most anywhere, and if an Olympic site doesn’t, spending money on building a tour quality course wouldn’t be very objectionable. Adding rugby for 2012 would be great for team GBR. The IOC needs to think bigger regarding the martial arts. K-1 anyone??

Team GB has passed Australia for 4th place on the overall medal count, and it will be a photo finish with Russia for 3rd place in gold. GBR has three times the gold of France, who finished a splendid second in the race for the 2012 games. Team USA is set to top the overall medal count of 2004, and should finish #1 in the overall medal count in 2008. But China will be clearly #1 in gold. Jamaica has 10 medals, meaning one medal per 270,000 citizens. Jamaica mon it is the world’s most athletic nation.

East London, best known as the setting for a long running soap opera, is getting an extreme makeover for the 2012 games. London hopes to have an Olympic park that will top Munich’s Olympic park and will give people a reason to keep going back after the games are over. Ambitious goals. London will get a modern (like the rest of the continent) transport system. Now the question of how to man the Team GB football team.

If you are a royal subject (or have ambitions to be) and are “between 16 and 25, and more than 5’11” (180cm) tall for girls or 6’3” (190cm) tall for boys,” then look into joining Team GB handball.


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