Olympic medal count wrapup

August 25, 2008

On the last day, the US men lost to Hungary in the water polo gold medal game. France won its first gold in men’s handball. You can easily lose sight of the fact that one medal is the same as another. Thus, a gold medal in basketball counts the same as a gold medal in handball, archery or other Olympic sport.

Michael Phelps tied for 9th place with Italy in the final gold medal count. The USA finished with 110 total medals, beating out the haul from Athens. China finished a fairly close second with 100 total medals (give or tka 4 or 5 medals if the women’s gymnastics team winds up disqualfied), Russia 3rd overall, the UK 4th and Australia 5th.

Jamaica received a total of 11 medals, most all in track and field, including several for the world’s fastest human ever, since Neanderthal days. That’s a medal for every 250,000 or so Jamaican residents. However, the Bahamas won two medals, for an average of one medal per 153,000 residents. Georgia got six medals, taking the advice of the IOC and not withdrawing their team after war broke out. Neighboring Causcasian states Azerbaijan got seven medals, Armenia got six. Iran only got two.

India won up with three medals, including its first ever gold in an individual sporting event. That’s one medal for approximately every 380 million Indians. If India had a per capita medal count like Jamaica’s, India would win, well there aren’t enough medals in the Games for that case. Mexico finally wins gold.  

According to the actual official Olympic web site, there were 958 total medals up for grabs. If your country won a single medal, then you tied for 69th place overall amongst the family of nations. If your country won two medals, then you tied for 57th place. If three medals, 51st place. If four medals, 44th place. If five medals, 38th place.  The US won 11.5 percent of all medals. China won 10.5 percent of the total, Russia 7.6 percent.

For the closing ceremony handover, Ken Livingston was denied his place on the stage by London voters back in the spring. Now visitors to London in four years will not have to worry about seeing bingers puking on the Tube. God save the queen.

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