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New IT grads are entitled, whiners

September 30, 2008

Another article. If you have an hour or so, read all the comments.


American democracy providing an example

September 30, 2008

For what not to do in a major financial crisis. UK Tory leader David Cameron has pledged support across the parties in order to avoid what has happened in Washington. “Democracies were being tested,” said Cameron, who will quite likely become the next PM of the UK. Meanwhile PM Kevin Rudd of Australia is urging passage of a bailout plan in America.

Murder at the Office: American expat kills his manager in London

September 30, 2008

Strangled (throttled) the poor lady with her scarf. Caught stealing stuff from the office. This bloke somehow left small town Washington state, married a German woman along the way and wound up a white collar worker in London. What got me about it was the killer’s mug shot. Is this the face of a killer, or somebody just kinda goofy.

Banks’ House rep voted no on the bailout

September 30, 2008

Wonder if anybody around here as noticed that Sue Myrick (R) of the North Carolina 9th District, despite the pleadings of the likes of Warren Buffett and Microsoft, voted no on HR 3997, the $700 billion bailout plan. Her district includes the corporate headquaters of Bank of America and (soon to be decimated) Wachovia. I figured (could look it up) the two banks have probably given Myrick, you know, money over the years and she is a former mayor of Charlotte. Interesting.

Cubicles were not one of his best ideas

September 29, 2008

For some reason a two year old article on cubicle hell got posted as one of Fortune‘s current most read articles. It’s a good read though. The inventor of the cubicle, Robert Propst, regrets having invented it. What a legacy, he died in 2000. Don’t miss the slide show of cubicle history.

Yahoo! time machine

September 29, 2008

Just going to my Yahoo! Mail screen, they have the AP stories from two months ago up, lead story – “Obama set to choose running mate.”

Think we can handle immigrants better than the Europeans?

September 29, 2008

Maybe so, but certainly not always. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

SC mayor curious about Obama being the Antichrist

September 29, 2008

Mayor Danny Funderburk of Fort Mill, South Carolina, passed a chain e-mail that claims BO is the Antichrist. He did from his day job’s email system. Now, you may think that this is a trivial matter, unworthy of comment, but if you look up the relative sizes of Fort Mill and Wasilla, Alaska (Wikipedia), you’ll find that according to the 2000 US Census Fort Mill had more than 7,500 people while Wasilla in 2000 had only about 5,500 people. Wasilla and Fort Mill have no doubt been growing considerably this decade since they are both exurban bedroom communities of larger metro areas (Anchorage and Charlotte respectively).

The smirk

September 27, 2008

In keeping with the namesake of this blog.

WaMu went belly up because of homosexuals?

September 26, 2008

Is the National Review really implying that Washington Mutual went belly up because it was too accommodating to gays and lesbians and HIspanics? I don’t the piece was intended as serious analysis, but clearly it is a source of humor for the writer. If you find that kind of thing funny. 

Fact is, a lot of US corporations accommodate the GLBT community as well as women and minorities. A total of 138 corporations got a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign for their policies toward GLBT employees and their partners.

The list of companies include a number of financial institutions, including Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Wachovia and Wells Fargo . These firms are in varying states of healthiness right now, but clearly this list tends to show that giving benefits to GLBT employees doesn’t correlate to business failure.