Bill Gates is like Colonel Sanders

September 8, 2008

Ok, maybe Google is old, but MS might be just a bit older. So $300 million to convince you that Vista is something you should be buy even though MS itself is moving on to release Windows 7 sometime next year or in 2010, whenever.

One thing that strikes me about the ad campaign is that Gates himself appears in the ads. Gates is supposed to be retired from operations at MS, spending time enjoying his money and running the Gates Foundation with his wife. Now, he can do all that and still find time to shoot some commercials. But why use Gates in the ads? Because he is famous and has name and face recognition, the face of MS to the adoring public.

Fast food chains used their iconic founders as well, and still do, for promoting their food. Dave Thomas made ads for years until his death for Wendy’s, even though he and his family has long quit managing the chain (which is now owned by the company that owns Arby’s). Colonel Sanders sold Kentucky Fried Chicken to a conglomerate, but became the white suited icon that made commercials.¬† The question is, is Bill Gates beloved, or can be as beloved, as Colonel Sanders. Instead of asking if Vista is the OS about nothing, we should ask, is it and MS finger lickin’ good.

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