Pro and con Palin

September 8, 2008

WordPress random blog link generators can be interesting.

One pro Palin, if one may take some liberty: AGW is a hoax

However, the Church of England pulled out of the pro camp this past week.

But a vicar who is the head of Education at the Royal Society is a supporter on education.

Now here’s one anti Palin, posting: Damning video


One Response to “Pro and con Palin”

  1. michaelhill Says:

    Decidedly Pro.
    I am a 50 year old white guy who is tired of the good old boys that have screwed up this nation.
    My mom wouldn’t screw it up and I feel secure in the thought most other moms wouldn’t either.
    I live just outside of DC and I have more than a feeling of what goes on in there after watching it for years, The same guys that advise that dumb ass Bush advised LBJ about Vietnam, Nixon about Watergate and Reagan about the Iran-contra fiasco. It’s the same old guys folks and the old guy point of view sucks. We might as well be living the Cold War again because they still want to talk about pre-emptive strikes, nuclear if necessary. It scares me that we still have dumb fucks with that point of view.
    I side with Palin because she is a Washington outsider. If you live in the DC metropolitan area and take a trip to the Midwest you see a different America that what you are told of in the DC area.
    The “outside of the beltway” point of view is what America is really all about. When you get a bunch of gray haired old white men that have been in congress or the senate for half of their lives arguing about the means in which tax dollars are to be spent they lose touch with reality and hang on to the same old shit.
    Whether they be liberal democrats or conservative republicans they don’t change. One of the things I don’t like about the DC area is it is largely very liberal democrat.
    I can sum it up in this phrase – “The closer you get to the government milk the better the free social programs”.

    The liberal media has had their fun with Palin and the VEEP debates added to their ignorant frivolty.
    As far as experience, OBAMA has been a part time senator the entire time he has been in office. The pablum sucking Kennedys were the first to back him and Ted had a hard on. What this means to all of the OBAMA supporters is he is backed by the almighty DNC. He then picked BIDEN as a running mate and they paired together as two of the most liberal senators in Washington running for pres/vp.
    MCCAIN is the old guy that is a Vietnam war vet and still gets no respect for it. My dad was a Vietnam war vet.
    MCCAIN seletected PALIN and which is the breath of fresh air to the whole election season.
    Most of America has pitted OBAMA against PALIN as that is the most visible part of the campaigns.
    The sad part is the news channels have basically written OBIDEN in as president. Given the fact they are all liberal to the core they hope to influence the vote of the entire nation as they keep on with their biased polls and reporting.

    Go SARAH.
    She will be on capital hill as a senator or in congress if she doesn’t make it as VP. Count on that.

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