American TV commercials from 60s, 70s: Part I

September 9, 2008


I have friend who is applying for US citizenship and is gung ho American all the way. He may have to learn things like who his US Senators are and the like for the citizenship quiz (if they even ask those things anymore, most Americans dont know who their Senators are). What he really needs to know are the cultural artifacts he missed by not growing up here, the Missing Years I would call them. One cultural topic would TV commercials from the days corresponding to his childhood, late 60s – 70s, maybe early 80s. YouTube is addictive for looking up videos, so I have made a list of YouTube links (part one) of must see TV for the culturally unaware.

If you’re good you should be able to guess what the commercials are about by just looking at the brand names.


Folgers Coffee


Big Mac

Capt. Crunch

Coke 1

Coke 2

Mr. Yuk

Dr. Pepper


Chrysler Cordoba


Iron Eyes Cody

Oscar Meyer

Life cereal

Green Giant

Tootsie Pops

Chuckwagon dog food

Meow Mix


Burger King

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