I’ve been a vendor in the wrong line of business

September 12, 2008

More details on the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll (close, Toby Keith) ‘scandal’ at the Interior Department. I put scandal in quotes, because by definition something is a scandal if it is actually scandalous, that is something people believe to be morally wrong. But this kind of behavior clearly isn’t considered to be wrong.

I actually don’t think anything is ‘wrong’ anymore in America, other than having excessive cellulite at the beach. For cocaine alcohol binges, Toby Keith tickets and sexual relations, bidders for government oil got breaks such as winning bids being reduced after contracts had been signed. 

“They also said they did not view socializing with oil company representatives and taking gifts as inappropriate because they said they needed to be part of the marketing culture in order to market the program’s oil and gas.” 

I’ve worked with a lot of vendors, and I have been a vendor myself. Strip clubs and alcohol played a part in marketing and sales, sure. The ‘marketing culture’ of the oil and gas industry however beats the shit out of the information technology or telecommunications industry. Marijuana? Coke (white stuff). sex.. I’ve met a few female salespersons shall we say that I would have gladly had sex with. Clearly I have been in the wrong linee of business (and of course there’s a lot of money in oil and gas).


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