Is your salary falling? Become a SAP consultant…

September 16, 2008

So the supply of Microsoft support jobs in the US has stabilized or increased, but the pay for those jobs keeps dropping. Sort of paradox, going by the maxim that as supply of jobs goes up, pay must increase to compete for those who could fill them. Or at the very least, salaries shouldn’t fall if the number of qualified people is steady, unless of course the supply of qualified people is increasing more rapidly than the number of jobs. That is the question, no?

So the usual response is that you need to update your skills. If Windows support is out, learn.. SAP, or become a business analyst or something, or what about being a DBA?

The problem is, if someone has experience, say 10 years doing some kind of formerly hot technology, they just can’t credibly jump into a DBA position or become a SAP consultant. One has to have some training (can be expensive and who’s going to pay for it?), and one has to have experience. Employers pick over lists of skills in resumes these days, so unless one lies, no interview. As for experience, you know the old saw about getting a job and experience. Not to say that it is impossible to reboot yourself, but it is not easy and one may run out of savings and unemployment benefits before accomplishing the task.

Note: Saw more stories in my email about the severe shortage of SAP professionals. Well, a shortage of those with 5+ years of experience.


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