Tanning Beds and Melanomas

September 18, 2008

Now one of the lefty blog sites ran a story that criticized Gov. Palin for having a tanning bed in the Governor’s Mansion, implying that this was strange. A media critic’s blog pointed out that the Palin bought the bed herself, so there really isn’t an issue here.

However, shouldn’t her running mate warn her about the dangers of exposure to sunlight since he has been battling melanomas for years. Granted that Alaska is rather dark during the winter months, she would benefit from a tanned glow during campaigning, and she may not like tan lines. The National Cancer Institute recommends avoiding tanning beds and booths, and here’s some “straight talk” about tanning beds.

Here’s what to look for.

As far as the affordability of personal tanning beds, I worked with an admin who had purchased her own tanning bed, and she used it a lot. She did run into financial pressures and she gained an urgency to find a man to help support her. Anyway, ‘regular people’ have bought their own tanning beds.


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