“I think we’re trying to hire someone who doesn’t exist.”

September 19, 2008

These posts never cease on the IT biz blogs. There’s an IT worker shortage, nobody’s qualified. Students won’t major in CS, so we have to get them to it. Doesn’t matter that at the end of the day corporations are really looking for non-CS skills in their IT staff, but what they hey. A few people see the light, but it’s dim. Incentive programs to encourage staff that don’t work well with tech culture (win a cookie!). Not places that look promising for the so called “creative class.”

My guess is, if a position has not been filled for more than two years, then that position couldn’t be very important; his organization seems to have muddled along anyway. Hell, the organization might even muddle along without him.

Update: HP’s announcement of nearly 25,000 to be laid off due to their EDS merger should put a dent in that IT shortage!


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