If you don’t find Sarah Palin hot, you hate America

October 4, 2008

Apparently Sarah Palin is a flirt. She winked at the editor from the National Review, and so she must have winked at the American Male. She turned on the prime minister of Pakistan (recently widowed) enough that a cleric had to cool his heels

OK Here’s my reasoning for this post’s title:

  • Sarah Palin is a flirt.
  • Palin was a contestant in a beauty pageant.
  • Palin is also highly self confident.
  • Flirtatious women, participants in beauty contests, and self confident women are often considered attractive by men.
  • Palin then would be considered attractive by men.
  • If a male doesn’t find women attractive, then you the male is at least somewhat gay.
  • If you’re somewhat gay, then one could say that you’re considered by society to be gay.
  • If a male doesn’t find Palin attractive, then the male is quite likely gay.
  • Gays are to blame for the mortgage meltdown and the subsequent financial crisis. (some others blame Jews but to each his own)
  • Thus, as for the male who doesn’t find Palin attractive, that person shares responsibility for the financial crisis.
  • People who are responsible for the financial crisis are responsible for the worst crisis since the Great Depression.
  • People who would cause the worse crisis since the Great Depression, ipso facto, must hate America.
  • Thus, if you are a man who doesn’t find Palin attractive, you hate America.


PS: the announcer on the Palin (née Heath) swimsuit video says that she is majoring in political science. As Spock would say, fascinating.


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