Liberty University hopes to keep Virginia red

October 6, 2008

That is, red in the context of red/blue state. Jerry Falwell himself was never a Red.

Liberty University will cancel classes on Election Day so all of its students can go to the polls and vote for McCain and Palin. Not that the students are being ordered to do so, but you know and the students know. 

Interesting, NPR posts stories on its website before they air them. This is due to air Monday morning.


  • NPR found a few Democrats at Liberty who plan to vote for Obama. Wow.
  • Liberty used to post for public view its list of rules and reprimands for students, but now’s it behind an authentication wall. Students have figured out ways to contravene the rules.
  • Liberty has a Jesse Helms School of Goverment. Wingate, North Carolina also has a Jesse Helms Center, for Free Enterprise.
  • McCain was against televangelists like Falwell until he needed them to become president. They need him too BTW.
  • A lot of students need to change their voter registration. Now, if the purpose of closing school for the vote is simply to encourage students to participate in the political process, who push students into change what state they are registered to vote in?
  • Could approximately 12,000 vote flip the state? (assuming the student body plus staff).
  • Couldn’t the state’s historically black colleges (HBCs) do the same? Altogether they could outnumber Liberty (Hampton Institute, Norfolk State, Virginia Union, Virginia State, St. Pauls’, am I missing any?) These are combination of state and private schools. Assuming they would prefer the Obama ticket, just assuming.
  • If the SCOTS decides to allow churches to support political candidates and not lose their tax exempt status, it probably wouldn’t be too soon for Jonathan Falwell
  • Well, on second thought, perhaps not.
  • Well on third thought, maybe he’d like to endorse candidates, but not on Sunday morning necessarily.
  • Lynchburg is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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