Will IT people need face lifts to get hired?

October 7, 2008

These laid off Wall Street execs are treating themselves to face lifts so they can better compete in their new jobs searches:

“It used to that before a big interview you got a new suit. Now it’s get the suit, get your hair done, and swing by the doctor’s office,” he said.

Demand is so high that Prasad has created a Pre-Interview mini-makeover that includes Botox to erase worry lines and a filler agent that make saggy jawlines plump and youthful.

There are two rapid fixes that almost every one over 40 wants before tackling today’s tight job market, says Prasad: eyelid lifts and “quick recovery” face lift that sucks excess fat from under chins and jowls and fills laugh lines.

Now the procedures cost around $5-10k, so don’t put your money into stocks right now so you can afford a procedure.

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