Reasonable ‘Software architect’ job requirements

October 8, 2008

I thought this was a reasonable, not too short but too long description. Not hung up on narrow technical skills (except for those of the vendor’s products of course, but even then was reasonable considering the employer’s needs):

Major Responsibilities

1. Lead the design and development of desktop, client-server, smart client, web service and web applications based on the ESRI ArcGIS product line.

2. Develops procedures, programs, and scripts to facilitate the entry, delivery, manipulation, and archiving of data.

3. Analyzes, designs, implements, tests, documents, and maintains software applications, primarily for enterprise GIS systems.

4. Creates new software designs for projects, with long term goals of simplicity, stability and re-use.

5. Evaluate and recommend hardware and network configurations for internal use and for clients.

6. Evaluates software requests for feasibility, level of effort, and compatibility with existing systems.

7. Evaluates and designs spatial databases.

8. Write requirements documents and software specifications

9. Consults with internal and external customers to provide technical assistance and gather requirements.

10. Uses tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET to develop and test software components written in various languages, including, but not limited to Visual Basic .NET, C#, ASP.NET.

11. Negotiate scope with development team leads and clients

12. Contributes and presents technical details for proposal preparation and selection meetings.

13. Develops new software engineering skills and develops understanding of GIS technologies and systems as required to complete projects, and disseminates this to the rest of the team.

14. Maintains expert level knowledge of software development tools/techniques and the ESRI ArcGIS software product line.

15. Assists other developers in completion of tasks

Supervisory Responsibilities

This position oversees a team of software developers/engineers.

Current knowledge of industry standard software engineering practices, including agile methodologies, unit testing, code generation, managing a daily build process and automated code documentation. Ability to select or design a development methodology and oversee its implementation within an organization. Experience customizing ESRI software products including ArcIMS, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcEngine, ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server. Requires strong relational / spatial database skills and knowledge, with particular emphasis on the ESRI Geodatabase model.


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