Offshore yourself, or the end of American exceptionalism in employment

October 9, 2008

Infoworld offers its American readers advice on how to move with your job to the overseas hotspots for IT employment. Some thoughts:

  • Americans are used to thinking of America as the place all the world’s hungry (for money or freedom) come to or aspire to come to. We used to have it made.
  • No more. Americans will have to search the globe for opportunity like everyone else.
  • Will employers necessarily want to hire Americans?
  • Language barrier – we suck at foreign languages. We assume that everyone speaks English, and that they should. In business settings, English if of course the international standard. In other settings, you are at a disadvantage without the language knowledge. Chinese is tough to learn, believe me.
  • Have to live on the local economy (likely cheaper) for lower, comparably adjusted salaries. They might pay the foreigner more for your communication skill.

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