The government will pay you to exercise in the UK

November 10, 2008

Manchester, England plans to start paying citizens to walk, jog and other wise exercise:

The move to address the ‘fat epidemic’ comes after figures which show that a quarter of British adults are obese.

Experts say that by 2050 at least 60 per cent of the population will be obese – so fat their health is in danger.

People will be invited to keep-fit classes or weight-loss clubs, and they could win points on their NHS loyalty card depending on how much weight they lose.

They will even get points for simply turning up to the sessions – even if they actually put on weight.

Running or walking in the local park could also earn points: there would be machines at intervals in parks, allowing people to swipe their card at the beginning or end of their journey. They would get points in accordance with how far they walk or run.

Walking their children to school rather than taking their car would also gain points; as would taking public transport to work, because this involves extra walking than taking the car as commuters have to walk to and from train stations and bus stops.

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