Are the offshore guys really practicing yoga on my time?

November 13, 2008

I saw this long comment posted to a question regarding small businesses in the US outsourcing all their employees in order to survive.

If they are practicising yoga in place of the foosball, I could find that a bit more acceptable. Actually, I find that at least some of this rings true in situations I;ve been party to.

Well not all the outsourcing is good enough. I am on EAD and soon have my green card. I work for the top indian IT consulting company which claims to have a robust and successful outsourcing model. We work on a 80-20 or 70-30 model where 20% or 30% of the people are here in US and rest in India. Typically billing rates for people working in US from our company is $85 per hour while that in India is $21. So indian worker seems to be costing just 1/4 of the person who is working in USA. But quality wise almost all the significant and most critical work is done by US team. They essentially have 12-14 hours kind of work day. They take the calls morning at 7:30 AM and also takes the calls starting from India at 11:30 PM onwards. Very less sleep for these onsite US team folks. And it is this US team which takes the bottomline, respnsibility and accountability of the work. Client grabs their neck for everything. While team in india has got attitude problem. As number of jobs in india are too much, they simply don’t care about the work. They come to the office at 10:00 AM and leaves by 5:00 PM. They have generous 2 hours kind of lunch and tea breaks. They have lot of extra curricular activities, games, sports, gym, yoga classes, training courses at the very good campus with free lunches. Most of these indian team members are looking for excuses for not doing any work. They simply tell these excuses-that their PC is not having enough RAM, program hangs, network cable is missing etc… and so they cannot do the work. As my company wants to increase it’s profit margins in india-they don’t mind kicking out best of breed, talented and experienced folks and rather keep people who are fresh out of college or with less than 1 yr. of experience. And of top of it, in my company-most of these people the moment they get experience of 3 yrs-they don’t want to touch coding or do any technical work. Somebody is lead, somebody is manager, junior or senior manager etc…These non-technical people increases the overhead. As a result there are very few people who are actually working. Better to say in a team of 10 folks, only two are bright and two are above average, rest are there to play plain politics, flatter their bosses and do total time pass. As client is sitting in US-they have no idea what is happening as they do monitoring very minutely. In the end, people who have to suffer are these onsite team members because they cannot afford to be lousy or those 30-40% people in offshore team who are working. When everybody is getting their share of salary why only 30-35% people work in this global outsourced project?


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