New multi-million Zimbabwean dollar bills

December 12, 2008

The art has changed on the bills. Some rock formation (Great Zimbabwe ruins?) is now on the 100 million dollar bill. Today, another 500 million dollar bill was introduced, as well as a 200 million dollar bill. According to the linked article, that 50o million dollars is worth about $2.50 US. Inflation was last pegged at 231 million percent, but now it’s off the scale.

Meanwhile hundreds die from cholera. Mugabe says one day that there’s no cholera in his country, then says that it was planted by the nasty British to try to soften up Zimbabwe for a joint US-British attack (not Israel too, why not??) First things first, we have to pull out of Iraq, win in Afghanistan, then Iran, then Venezuela, then after all that, then Zimbabwe.

Now if Mugabe needs to prepare for war with the UK and the US, he’ll have maybe 10 years to prepare given the priorities I outlines. Till then, he has to mobilize his army. He’ll need weapons, small arms to start with. He can go to Somalia and pick up all the Kalashinkovs he’ll need for around $150 US apiece. That would be, at the going rate of 50 cents US per $100 million Zimbabwean, $30,000,000,000 Zimbabwean per rifle. If there are any survivors left after HIV and cholera in 10 years, that is.


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