Player kicked off hockey team for comment about ex

December 16, 2008

What can an athlete do off the field (or ice) that is so bad that his team will cut him for doing it? Shoot at someone, or shoot someone? Take illegal drugs? Punch out a fan during a game? Drive drunk and hit some0ne? Take a gun to a strip club? Have sex with underage girls at parties where you get them drunk? Drag race and contribute to someone being killed? (Sorry, a few Charlotte examples thrown in there) Having half a dozen children in as many cities? Nope, none of those reasons is bad enough to get someone cut from his team.

Now one player for Carolina Panthers was not welcomed back to the team after what he did, but he did have his ex girlfriend murdered, and he was arrested and convicted for it. He’s still in prison I believe. And of course Michael Vick was cut from the Atlanta Falcons (and sent to prison) for his cruel treatment of fighting dogs. Now, what if a league were to suspend a player indefinitely, and the player’s team kicked him out, just because he made a crude (but not vulgar) comment about an B-actress ex. We are talking about the violent (and starved for publicity) National Hockey League no less.


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