Who are the Southern GOP senators really working for?

December 19, 2008

There’s been a lot of speculation about the Southern senators who told the Rustbelt to go fuck themselves
(or, let the bastards freeze in the dark a la the 1970s) as regards to the auto bailout. It’s assumed that they are on the take from Japanese, Korean and German auto companies so they can blow away their US competition and rein supreme in America, with jobs for Southerners and a busted UAW for the Republican ideologues. Maybe it’s more complicated and conspiratorial than that.

Going by news reports of the past week,  Toyota and other foreign automakers would face disaster themselves if one or more of the Big Three were to fail. Has to do with their parts suppliers failing as well, not to mention the economy of  their biggest market (i.e. the USA) going into the tank. The Japanese did not lobby for the end of the UAW and the Big Three. So who did? Who is GOP really working for?

According to this, maybe the GOP is working for the Indians and the Chinese. Tata Motors and say the Chinese firm Geely would be in position to buy American “distressed assets” (that is, GM, Ford and Chrysler plants and dealerships). This could give them the advantage in taking out the Japanese, Germans, and Koreans. And their jobs of course would mostly be in the Rustbelt. (maybe something to do with the Jindal dude in Louisiana being the future of the party??)

Or, as is more likely the case in the absence of any concete evidence, the Southern senators just don’t know what they are trying to set into motion.


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