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Warning sign your favorite restaurant is about to close

January 11, 2009

If your favorite restaurant starts offering breakfast, that restaurant is in trouble. Two restaurants within a mile or so from my house both started offering breakfast. After several months, they gave up the effort, as may be expecteed since relatively few people eat sit down (or even on the run) breakfasts unless its a bagel or something. And several months after those restaurants stopped serving breakfast, they both closed.


Better headline – Breast implant sales sag

December 19, 2008

HuffPo post on the woes of plastic surgeons in this recession. The headline ain’t bad – “Plastic Surgery Business Sags Amid Recession, Celebrity Regrets” but could be improved.

Walking in my town is dangerous

December 16, 2008

Four pedestrians were run over last night in my town, one dead, one severely injured, the others I suppose were only moderately injured. I almost got run over in a crosswalk in “uptown” (downtown) when a driver sped through a red light long after it had changed. In Charlotte, there is little regard for pedestrians (or for red lights in some cases). Seems like you can run over one and cause death, you can flee the scene and it’s really no big deal here.

Don’t cuckold another man in Tennessee

December 5, 2008

If you cuckold a man in Tennessee, you can get killed. And if you are the cuckold, the judge will let you rot in jail for a whole 10 weeks or so, so you get the idea that killing the sonofabitch was sorta like wrong or something.

If you get laid off, join the French Foreign Legion

December 5, 2008

The French Foreign Legion still exists, and is willing to possibly take you if you’re out of work, disgusted or weary of it all. You get a white hat, a new identity, a rifle and duty somewhere in Africa. Oh, and still male only.

Murder at the Office: American expat kills his manager in London

September 30, 2008

Strangled (throttled) the poor lady with her scarf. Caught stealing stuff from the office. This bloke somehow left small town Washington state, married a German woman along the way and wound up a white collar worker in London. What got me about it was the killer’s mug shot. Is this the face of a killer, or somebody just kinda goofy.