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Professional journalists better than half assed bloggers?

May 22, 2008

I get the Wired feed through my RSS reader and look at it one a week or so. This set of articles  purports to show the ‘heresies’ of mainstream greenism and hopes to debunks them. The commenters on the series include the usual set of AGW deniers and such. However, the commenters for each article have endeavored and succeeding in debunking the debunkers. I wouldn’t say that the authors’ assertions are 100% wrong or even 99% wrong (nuclear power is worth continued debate, my opinion), but they have an understanding of their subject as good as say, a half assed blogger. It’s not about the author’s political viewpoints, it’s about the quality of their research, argument and writing.

I would assume that Wired paid the authors of the articles, making then professionals . How these articles differ from some half assed blogger, I don’t know, except maybe the professional stock photography on the pages. I assume that the purpose of the stories, as stated to ‘debunk’, are just flamebait. If so, then I would ask again, how do these articles differ from some half assed blogger? I should know, I can be a half assed, amateur, blogger too.