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Start a .com business or sell guns to the US

March 27, 2008

If you are a budding college student entrepreneur, what kind of business should you get into? The Internet, or do you supply weapons to foreign governments for the US?

According to the NYT (I guess you could trust them on this story), you can get a $300 million contract with the US military even if these things happen to you:

  • You sell 40+ year old ammunition that you have illegally obtained
  • The president of your company has a restraining order against him by a girlfriend, and uses government contracts to avoid court appearances regarding the same
  • The president and a VP of your company beat up a parking attendant
  • The president of your company is young enough to have been caught with a fake ID
  • You are vouched for by a major bank.
  • It helps to know a Balkan language or two

Arms dealing is by its very nature a shady enterprise, understood. My point being, if you’re an enterprising college student, there are other routes to riches that trying to start to work for the Man in corporate America, or trying to create the next cool social networking site.

Update: CNN has picked up the story big on its website. Apparently some of the ammo the guys sold was as much as 46 years old.