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Gov. Palin’s future son-in-law won’t be voting for her

October 13, 2008

That’s because he failed to register to vote in his precinct in Alaska. Now you have to figure that I am a political junkie because in an interview with Levi Johnston, I would zero in on who he is (not) going to vote for. I have concern about the youth of American and their future.


As the Lower 48 faces economic collapse, refugees will flee to Alaska

September 21, 2008

On this posting about the Kenyan witch hunter who appeared with Gov. Palin at her church this past June, a pastor explains that Alaska will be a “refuge state” in the Last Days, for thousands of people fleeing the End from the Lower 48. Could this be the McCain/Palin plan C for the impending global financial system collapse, which no doubt would a sign of the Last Days? Plan A, B, not sure what those would be, give a trillion, maybe. Plan C – the anointed will go the Alaska, drill for oil and hunt for food.

My main question is, when Alaska suddenly faces a deluge of refugees, what happens after a year and they have to split up the oil royalty money?