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Public schools want same employee traits as corporations

June 10, 2008

I am filling out a ‘confidential reference form’ for a friend who is applying for a teaching job with a public school system in the Southern US (I won’t reveal who or what, it is confidential). I am asked to rate the applicant as superior, above average, average, below average or not applicable on a list of personality and work traits. Some of the terms are the same you hear bandied about corporations these days. Don’t people become inspired to go into teaching because it is not supposed to be corporate-like?

Some of the traits include:

Embraces change; is an effective team member; exhibits leadership qualities; exhibits initiative; supports the organization’s mission; demonstrates continuous professional growth

Granted, these can be positive elements no matter what one is doing, just that some of the corporate-speak (i.e. embracing change) has entered into education. I mean, I thought the education profession had its own jargon and buzzwords known as ‘eduspeak’.

And would many school boards and superintendents really want a gang of teachers who really, truly exhibited the above qualities in spades?